Friday, March 19, 2010

Virgin Cola Wanted

diet Virgin cola

For a change of routine, here's a post on a product rather than a chain, saved from VidiNow before they changed hosts:

Those of you in the UK and certain other countries, I could use your help on this. I have been wanting to get diet Virgin Cola (or Virgin Cola Light on some of the continent) for some time now. A couple of e-tailers who specialise in UK goods that can be shipped to the States I've heard about didn't have it and were unable to stock it, yet one of them could have Pepsi and Coke from the UK sent to North America, which isn't that necessary, while Virgin Cola remains the Robbie Williams of soft drinks! Twice, it failed to catch fire in the shops. Even own brands sold more than Virgin! Maybe I'll buy import diet Pepsi or diet Coke in future just to try it (my Canadian friends, I did buy your editions of these when I stopped by, as well as A&W and Diet RC last year!). I'm sure it's made differently than at the bottlers across town from me! There might be a shop in the Southwest US that could help me, but I have to find them first!

It's human nature to want what you cannot have, innit? If I could just give this a go at least once, I'll be satisfied. If I win the lottery, I could go on holiday in the UK and then I could pick it up along with house brands at Tesco or ASDA!

So if your country has Virgin Cola, and you're willing to post it, do send me a message, and we'll work something out, won't we? I'll pay, of course, but we'd have to figure out the currency conversion, P&H, and if it'll manoeuvre through Customs (it can be checked off as 'gift' because I couldn't sell it anyway if I wanted to). A one or two litre bottle would suffice. Cans might be too heavy or harder to ship.

To think I'd go out of my way for soda! This is no mere soda!

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