Thursday, April 9, 2015

Retail Latin America: Drugstore chain Walgreens to close 200 U.S. stores...

Retail Latin America: Drugstore chain Walgreens to close 200 U.S. stores...: by    John Kell Drugstore retailer is planning to trim $1.5 billion in expenses over the next three years. Drugstore chain Walgreens...

Just hope they don't leave my area again.  I may have to go there again soon.  If so maybe CVS could get their stores here as they have even fewer in these parts.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Warm-Air-Fund: Trying to escape New Siberia!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tide Dry Cleaners

Ultra Tide Laundry Detergent
Not just for wet wash anymore!
I was just informed of another franchising opportunity, this time Tide Dry Cleaners as an ad appeared in the paper and like most laundrettes in my area it's all indie (I go to one that has both offered).  No TDC locations are on the coasts just yet but of they come my way they could open in these locations:

East Syracuse
New Hartford

I'd be lucky to start one of these!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Whole Foods

Whole Food
Somewhere out west.

Whole Foods have been looking into coming to CNY.  With rival Trader Joes now open in DeWitt, they may up the ante now so here's where "Whole Pay Cheque" (as some may call them) should consider if not downtown Syracuse:

Syracuse (downtown), US 11 (former Merchants Bank or Sears)
Fairmount Fair (former Dicks)
DeWitt, NY 5 (former Dicks who are moving into nearby kmart across from TJs)
Baldwinsville (former Tri-County Mall)
Liverpool, Seneca Mall, Co Rt 57 (former Price Chopper)
Ithaca, NY 13/34 (former kmart)
New Hartford, NY 5A (former Price Chopper)
Auburn (former P&C)
Fulton, NY 481 (former kmart)
Oswego, NY 104 (former Tops)
Irondequoit, Medley Centre, NY 104 (mostly empty mall)
Brighton (also a Rochester suburb though this may be more official)
Cortland, Riverside Mall, NY 13 and I-81 (former flea market but I also want Planet Fitness and Massage Envy there)
North Syracuse, US 11 and I-81 (former Staples, Michaels, Media Play or TJ Maxx)

Stewarts Shops

Stewart's Shop, Fort Edward NY
Fort Edward location.
With the new Stewarts Shops store in Liverpool now open for business there are a number of spots they could open as their footprint in CNY is limited at best compared to the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys.  Here's where they could go since Sen Schumer is trying to get closed stations to reopen:

Chittenango, NY 5/13 (former Sunrise)
Marcellus, NY 174 (former AOK)
Syracuse (Nob Hill), NY 173 & E Brighton Ave*
DeWitt, NY 5*
Elbridge, NY 5
Fayetteville (Lyndon), NY 5/92 (former Byrne Dairy, no gas)
McKownville (Albany), US 20
East Syracuse (Carrier Circle), NY 298 & 635 (former Sunoco)
North Syracuse
Cicero, US 11*
Baldwinsville, NY 31/370

*Former Mobil.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Massage Envy

Cortland - downtown, Riverside Plaza or Cortlandville
Destiny USA - Syracuse
Clay - COR Center (now open!)
New Hartford - Sangertown Square
Downtown Syracuse
Fairmount or Camillus
Junius Ponds (Waterloo Premium Outlets)
DeWitt (Shoppingtown or Paradise Plaza)
Colonie Center

Friday, November 22, 2013

Local everyday

It starts at home!

I've mentioned shopping local before but I found myself taking it to the next level in recent months where I go to a small and/or locally based business at least once a day; sometimes three.  Even when I buy a lot of things that the boring big box could have for a bit less, I know more than half of what I've spent is recycled into the community.  Whether you're in a small town or big city much of the industrialised world will make this possible somehow.  When certain holidays come around one may tend to run to the big boys but the indie can offer goods the other place might not.  This may be the best grassroots campaign I've come up with in a long time.  I didn't exactly plan to do this.  I noticed a pattern so I went along with it and more.
One reason this is important to me is because many small businesses in the past whether near me or on the road that I've been to have closed their doors either because no one seemed to care or the economy did them in.  It's a right shame to let that happen but we can be part of the solution if we change out choices at times.  Doesn't mean only shop local as that's not always an option.  Economic reform like charity begins at home. Also the little guy can be more convenient than some faceless corporation much of the time.
Next time you have to shop, eat out or order takeaway be sure to see if there is an alternative to the chains in your area.  Every penny spent makes a difference in the community.