Thursday, September 3, 2015


Chick-Fil-A Sicklerville, NJ
Gloucester, NJ location near Philadelphia
Chick Fil-A may be the Hobby Lobby of fast food, but their chicken wasn't half-bad when I went to the Alexandria, VA one last year near Washington, DC.  Rival Christian-run chain In-N-Out doesn't believe in franchising leaving all O&Os in the western US.  The scandal aside, here's where to perch:

Clay - Great Northern Mall
Cicero/North Syracuse - former Tim Hortons or McDonalds
Liverpool - former Arbys (Co Rt 57)
DeWitt - Shoppingtown (also an ex-Arbys)
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall
Oswego - another old Arbys or even Ponderosa if you tear it down
Fulton - former Jreck Subs
Cortland - NY 13 or 281 (once thought to open at SUNY Cortland but the idea was slated)
Fayetteville - former Friendly's
Oneida - also ex-Friendly's
Syracuse - former Pizza Hut/Antonio's
Albany - Colonie Center


Downstate flagship during the festive period.
Another department store of this calibre yet to build on Upstate soil.  Let's put the "bloom" back in Bloomie's then!:

DeWitt - Shoppingtown (former Macys [sister store]/Kaufmanns/Addis & Deys)
New Hartford - Sangertown Square (former Sears)
Irondequoit - Medley Centre (much of it can be cleared anyway; Rochester area)
Latham - Latham Circle Mall (will have to be stand-alone; only Albany area one I can think of)
Alexandria, VA - Landmark Mall (only non-NY one; thought I'd try there for a change)


UK location at nights.
Baskin Robbins have been in DeWitt and Manlius in the past but never stuck around.  If arch rivals Dairy Queen can return to CNY, BR can too.  Here's where they can open:

DeWitt - Shoppingtown (food court, not where they were when I was growing up)
Liverpool - former Arbys, Co Rt 57
Cicero/North Syracuse - former Tim Hortons (US 11) or McDonalds (Circle Dr.)
Clay - Great Northern Mall (food court in former Sbarros or other vacant spot)
Syracuse (north side) - Destiny USA (food court)
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall (food court)
Fayetteville - former Friendlys (NY 5 & 257)
Syracuse (west side) - former Sam Dell Dodge (new building on site has space for BR)
Cortland - downtown (NY 13) or Cortlandville (NY 281)
Oswego - Mid-City Plaza or former Arbys (NY 104)
Syracuse (Eastwood/Lyncourt) - former Antonios to Go/Pizza Hut/Sweet Chunkys BBQ), Shop City
Colonie - Colonie Ctr. (food court) (Albany County; only non-CNY one I can think of now)
New Hartford - Commercial Drive (NY 5A) (vacancy near NY Mills that's temporarily being used by Rite Aid while they fix up their store across the street)

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Boscovs - York Galleria
York, PA store.
Boscov's (Босковс) have their closest stores to Syracuse in Albany and Binghamton, but they can expand since they just entered Ohio a few years after entering and exiting administration for a period.  Here's where they could open:

deWitt - former Macys/Kaufmanns, Shoppingtown
Irondequoit - Medley Centre
New Hartford - former Sears, Sangertown Square
Auburn - former Rex, Fingerlakes Mall
Clay - former Bon-Ton, Great Northern Mall

Sunday, August 23, 2015


A typical Maaco center
There was no photo on flickr at all so I used Wikimedia for a change.
Now for something new.  Maaco are known for making cars look like new again after a bust-up.  I heard of them Downstate and the closest one to me is in Albany.  Here's where they could go:

Syracuse (west) - Westvale Plaza (former Pep Boys/Name Brand Deals/Genesee Theater) - best bet
Syracuse (east) - Erie Blvd E (former Arthur Treachers/Kwik Fill)
Cicero/North Syracuse - US 11
New Hartford - former Price Chopper or Circuit City
Cortland - Riverside Plaza (if I don't put Planet Fitness there first)
Latham - Latham Circle Mall
Auburn - former P&C
Oswego - former Staples
Rome - former Staples
Liverpool - former Price Chopper
Fulton - former kmart (split with ALDI) or Nestlé plant
Pulaski - former Als Big Corner Market
Junius Ponds - Waterloo Premium Outlets
Irondequoit - Medley Center
Camillus - Township 5
Horseheads - former ALDI
Ithaca - former kmart, NY 13 & 96
Watertown - Arsenal St (NY 3)
Palatine Bridge - former Ames

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Henrietta, NY location south of Rochester.
ALDI may seem too easy to expand compared to most other chains in the US or Europe but there are still some areas that could use one.

Fulton - former kmart or Eckerd
Phoenix - County Rt. 57 (start from scratch)
Tully - US 11/NY 80 or NY 281 (near regional warehouse)
laFayette - US 20 (also original building)

They should also open in Canada but that's for another day.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Brueggers Bagels

Bruegger's Bagels
Flagship store in Burlington, VT.
There are still some spots that have yet to open a Brueggers Bagels:

Cicero - Former Tim Hortons on US 11 or McDonalds on Circle Drive near Marketplace (far enough from existing North Syracuse store)
Cortland - Downtown, Riverside Plaza, former Bob Evans or Cortlandville
Oswego - Former Arbys, Ponderosa or Real Deals in Mid-City Plaza
Ithaca - The Commons, Lansing or NY 13/96*
Binghamton - Johnson City, Vestal or Downtown*
Corning - Downtown in former Crunge Records*
Elmira/Horseheads - Arnot Mall/TBD*
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall, Grant Ave (NY 5) or Genesee St
Geneva - NY 5/US 20 or NY 14 Downtown
Junius Ponds - Waterloo Premium Outlets
Syracuse - Armory Square (even though SU Hill is the closest)
Utica - Genesee St between downtown and Deerfield
New Hartford - Sangertown Square, Commercial Drive (NY 5A) or Genesee St
Oneida - former Friendlys
Fayetteville - former Friendlys (though Manlius and Syracuse east side are close enough)
Clay - Great Northern Mall food court
Watertown - Salmon Run Mall or Arsenal Street
Central Square - former Disc-Connection

*I go to these areas less often so if you know them let me know a place.