Thursday, March 11, 2010

Identity crisis

Price Chopper in Brookside
Not the one I grew up with!
Chain or company names used by one or more different companies:

Price Chopper (chains in Upstate New York [becoming Market 32], Kansas and Missouri [pictured], franchise in world-famous Branson, MO; previously in Ontario*, formerly in Oregon, and late Woolworths division in New Zealand*, as well as wristbands!)
Wegmans (chain and obscure small dairy store in Marcellus)
Market Basket (US south and New England chain recently in the news)
Mr Sub (Canada*, Lowville and Mr Subb in Albany area)
Rite Aid (US chemist giant and Australian* brand)
Tops (used in New York, Connecticut, Thailand [offshoot of NY chain], Washington State, Michigan, and northern California), as well as a now-closed small chain of Chinese buffets in Virginia to boot!
BJs (Brewhouse and Wholesale Club)
Hersheys (Creamery and Chocolate, both based in Pennsylvania Capital Region)
Big Bear (used to be in Ohio; unrelated businesses in Georgia and the Carolinas)
Woolworths (original US icon, UK*, Mexican, and German spinoffs, Oceania*, and South Africa*)
Bi-Lo (Pennsylvania, Australia*, Idaho and South Carolina)
Peppinos Pizza (Syracuse, Niagara FallsSouth Carolina, Brooklyn, three in Colorado, California, Michigan, the UK* and Northern Ireland, three in Pennsylvania, three in Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Long Island, the Bronx, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rosendale, Duanesburg [Albany exurb], Callicoon, Australia*, Germany, Canada*, South Africa* [just the ovens], etc.!) - Has to be the most common occurrence!
Rays Pizza (similar to above; mainly NYC tri-state area)
Smiths (former local Syracuse chain and Kroger division)
P&C (confused with Price Chopper [NY] sometimes!)
Quality (former P&C sister and Krogers QFC)
Big M (NY/PA franchise chain, Canadian* drug store in Calgary, ALB; Australian* flavoured milk, clothing company in New Jersey, Albany truck stop, and obscure indie store out West)
Grand Union (used for the chain and a few other things including Croatian store and hotel with chains former logo)
Acme (brand used in cartoons, PA and OH chains)
Lowes (DIY, mid-Atlantic and southwest)
Food Lion (east coast) and Lion (west coast).
Nojaim (two CNY ShurFine affiliates and former cornershop in Eastwood; two may be related but not sure if they are to recently widowed former resident)
Target (US, once in Canada* and US chain operating there now, and Australia*)
Kmart (US and former Australian* arm)
Dominicks (Safeways defunct Chicago-area branch and Syracuse Neighbourhood Market)
ShopRite (The States, formerly in Canada*, South Africa*, the Isle of Man*, and Australia*)
Stop & Shop (New England and Ohio)
Shop 'n Save (Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Maine)
Martins (Pennsylvania/Virginia and Indiana) - sister to Giant-Landover and Giant-Carlisle, but use other name because of the following
Giant (Giant Eagle, Allegheny County, sister stores in Maryland and Pennsylvania, and Broome County chain bought out by Weis). Food Giant also used in the UK*, Missouri, San Diego, Miami, Columbus, MS, and Birmingham, AL.

*Commonwealth realm.

And some people think I sell flooring!

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