Sunday, November 8, 2015

Salvation Army Family Stores

Salvation Army
Newer location.
Salvation Army Family Stores (Salvos) are the largest chain of charity shops in the world and they can still rule the roost as rival chain Savers/Value Village (Canada) may not expand right now:

Oswego - NY 104, former Dollar Tree or other vacancy on NY 104
Fairmount - W Genesee St, former TBD
Manlius - NY 173, outgoing CVS if Walgreens don't move in
Baldwinsville - Downer St, former Rite Aid
Camillus - Camillus Plaza, Rite Aid if Walgreens deal is approved.
Herkimer - NY 5S/28 TBD
Oneida - downtown, former Herb Phillipsons or NY 5/365A TBD
Fayetteville - NY 5 at Fayetteville Square
Syracuse (south side) - US 11 & NY 173, former Hollywood or Blockbuster Video
Rochester - NY 31 (Monroe Ave.), former Blockbuster Video

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


REI - Carolina Place Mall - Pineville, NC
Pineville, NC location.

REI made headlines by staying closed on Black Friday which is how I heard of them as they have yet to grace these (lake) shores being only downstate in NY right now:

Camillus - former Bon-Ton
deWitt - Shoppingtown Mall (in former site of rival Dicks, Bon-Ton, JCPenney or Macys) or former Michaels on NY 5
Syracuse - Destiny USA (in former Bon-Ton although the Broome County chain are already there)
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village
Clifton Park - outgoing OfficeMax
Auburn - Genesee St (former P&C about a mile from another competitor Bass Pro Shops)
Clay - Great Northern Mall (where Bon-Ton already left or where Macys are about to leave)
Liverpool - former Price Chopper or Wegmans
North Syracuse - (W Taft Road) former Chase-Pitkin after October or (Northern Lights) former TJ Maxx, Michaels or Media Play
New Hartford - Sangertown Square (ex-Sears) or across the road at old Price Chopper (NY 5A)
Rotterdam - Rotterdam Square Mall (old Macys)
Irondequoit - Skyview on the Ridge [Medley Centre] (not wholly familiar with Rochester regional retail, although a location in Monroe County has been confirmed for CityGate on NY 15 in Brighton)
Williamsville - Eastern Hills Mall (former Dave and Busters or other Buffalo area vacancy)
Camillus - Camillus Plaza (just in case Bon-Ton winds up leaving there too)
Oswego - NY 104 (TBD)
Fulton - River Glen Plaza (former kmart)
Cortland - Riverside Mall (if I choose somewhere else for Planet Fitness) or Cortlandville
Latham - Latham Circle Mall (freestanding)
Fayetteville - former Eastern Mountain Sports
TBD - anywhere else that Gander Mountain are closing just as long as REI aren't already in town

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

von Maur

Von Maur
Fishers, Victor, NY location outside Rochester, the closest one to Syracuse right now.
I go by the von Maur that you see when I go to Rochester so here's where they could open:

Camillus - former Bon-Ton
Syracuse - Destiny USA, departing Bon Ton (Ontario County von Maur shown here was one) or JCPenney if they wind up leaving themselves
New Hartford - Sangertown Square, former Circuit City
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village
Latham - Latham Circle Mall; would have to be freestanding
DeWitt - Shoppingtown Mall; former Macys, JCPenney or Dicks
Clay - Great Northern Mall, also former Bon Ton or Macys

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Peebles, Cheboygan
Cheboygan, MI store.  Previously a Kroger and Carter Foods.
Been meaning to do this.  Their ad in the Auburn paper reminded me.  Possible Peebles placements:

Camillus - former Bon-Ton
Fulton - former kmart on NY 481
deWitt - former Dicks in Shoppingtown or Michaels up NY 5
Syracuse - former Herb Phillipsons in Western Lights and/or Bon-Ton in Destiny USA
Liverpool - former Price Chopper on Ct Rt 57
North Syracuse - Northern Lights
Clay - former Bon-Ton, Great Northern Mall
Clifton Park - outgoing OfficeMax
Colonie - former Barnes & Noble
Auburn - former P&C
Cortland - former flea market if I don't put Planet Fitness there first
New Hartford - former Sears in Sangertown Square or Price Chopper on NY 5A
Irondequoit - Skyview on the Ridge (ex-Medley Ctr)
Latham - Latham Circle Mall
Rome - former Staples
Syracuse - former Bon-Ton in Destiny USA
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village

Saturday, September 5, 2015


North Haven, CT store.
Now to switch gears and head to bed!  Sleepy's could open in these locations:

Camillus - former Bon-Ton
Syracuse (east side) - former Big Sur Waterbeds/Bedroom Expressions or Sofas & Chairs (both are on Erie Blvd E./NY 5)
Syracuse (north side) - Destiny USA (former Circuit City, Bon-Ton or Sports Authority)
New Hartford - Sangertown Square (ex-Sears) or Commercial Drive/NY 5A (former Babies 'R Us or Price Chopper)
Cortland - NY 13, Riverside Plaza or US 11/NY 41 (former P&C)
deWitt - NY 5, Shoppingtown Mall (former Dicks)
Liverpool - Co. Rt. 57 (former Wegmans or Price Chopper)
Clay - NY 31, Great Northern Mall (former Chappells/Bon-Ton)
Auburn - NY 5/US 20, Fingerlakes Mall (former Rex)
Oswego - NY 104 (former Dollar Tree or other vacancy on NY 104)
Rome - NY 49 (former Staples)
Ithaca - NY 13/96 (former kmart)
Fulton - NY 481 (former kmart if split with ALDI)
Oneida - NY 46 (former Herb Phillipsons)
Syracuse (west side) - Western Lights (former Herb Phillipsons)
Irondequoit - Medley Center
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village
North Syracuse - former Staples, Michaels or Media Play, Northern Lights

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hardee's/Carl's Jr.

Hardee's Seville
Seville, OH location outside Cleveland.
Hardee's/Carl's Jr. (Carls Jnr) are another chain lacking in Upstate, NY (I see Marathon in there and we just got their sister chain Speedway and Circle K will be a later post).  Hardee's used to be in Hotel Syracuse (getting a renewal of their own) and Moyers Corners in what was later JD's Fish 'n' Grill and is now a vacant Tim Hortons (the mailing address is Baldwinsville).  Much of what I put down for Chick-Fil-A would work for Hardee's or Carl's Jr. and given CFA's reputation many would rather see Hardee's come back.  The closest one to CNY right now is in Harrisburg, PA.  Many other recently shuttered Tim Hortons would work for new stores.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Chick-Fil-A Sicklerville, NJ
Gloucester, NJ location near Philadelphia
Chick Fil-A may be the Hobby Lobby of fast food, but their chicken wasn't half-bad when I went to the Alexandria, VA one last year near Washington, DC.  Rival Christian-run chain In-N-Out doesn't believe in franchising leaving all O&Os in the western US.  The scandal aside, here's where to perch:

Clay - Great Northern Mall
Canandaigua - former Ponderosa, NY 5/US 20
Cicero - confirmed for US 11 by Home Depot
North Syracuse - former Tim Hortons
Liverpool - former Arbys (CR 57)
deWitt - NY 5, Shoppingtown (also an ex-Arbys)
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall
Oswego - another old Arbys or even Ponderosa
Fulton - former Jreck Subs
Cortland - NY 13 (former Tim Hortons) or 281 (once thought to open at SUNY Cortland but the idea was slated)
Fayetteville - former Eastern Mountain Sports
Cortlandville - NY 13, former McDonalds
Albany - Colonie Center (non-CNY)
CNY et al - former Tim Hortons
Syracuse (north side) - former KFC
Syracuse (SU Hill) - former Copy Centers


Downstate flagship during the festive period.
Another department store of this calibre yet to build on Upstate soil.  Let's put the "bloom" back in Bloomie's then!:

DeWitt - Shoppingtown (former Macys [sister store]/Kaufmanns/Addis & Deys or JCPenney)
New Hartford - Sangertown Square (former Sears)
Kingston - former JCPenney
Irondequoit - Medley Centre (much of it can be cleared anyway; Rochester area)
Latham - Latham Circle Mall (will have to be stand-alone; only Albany area one I can think of)
Alexandria, VA - Landmark Mall (only non-NY one; thought I'd try there for a change)
Syracuse - ex-Bon-Ton (includes the empty downstairs)
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village
Clay - former Macys but now new Bloomingdales may have to wait
Camillus - former Bon-Ton


31 Flavours UK location at nights.
Baskin Robbins have been in DeWitt and Manlius as well as SU Hill in the past, but never stuck around.  If arch rivals Dairy Queen can return to CNY, BR can too.  Here's where they can open:

deWitt - Shoppingtown (food court, not where they were when I was growing up)
Liverpool - former Arbys, Co Rt 57 and former Subway/Indian restaurant down the road in Galeville
Baldwinsville - former Rite Aid
Cicero/North Syracuse - former Tim Hortons/Mighty Taco (US 11) or McDonalds (Circle Dr.)
Clay - Great Northern Mall (food court in former Plainville or other vacant spot)
Syracuse (north side) - Destiny USA (food court)
East Syracuse - former Tim Hortons (NY 290)
North Syracuse - former Tim Hortons (US 11 by Sweetheart Corners)
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall (food court; NY 5/US 20) or former Tim Hortons (NY 5)
Fayetteville - former Jays Village Chevrolet (NY 5)
Syracuse (west side) - former Sam Dell Dodge (new building on site has space for BR)
Cortland - downtown or former Tim Hortons (NY 13) or Cortlandville (former McDonalds)
Oswego - Mid-City Plaza (NY 481 & 104), former Tim Hortons (NY 481) or former Arbys (NY 104)
Syracuse (Eastwood/Lyncourt) - former First Niagara Bank in Shop City
Syracuse (SU Hill) - former Breuggers Bagels around corner from former location (now NBT Bank)
Colonie - Colonie Ctr. (food court) (Albany County; only non-CNY one I can think of now)
New Hartford - Commercial Drive (NY 5A) (vacancy near NY Mills that was temporarily being used by Rite Aid while they fixed up their store across the street)
Manlius - former Kimberlys Ice Cream Factory (a couple miles or so from the old one) (NY 92)

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Boscovs - York Galleria
York, PA store.
Boscov's (Босковс) have their closest stores to Syracuse in Albany and Binghamton, but they can expand since they just entered Ohio a few years after entering and exiting administration for a period.  Here's where they could open:

deWitt - former Macys/Kaufmanns or JCPenney, Shoppingtown
Irondequoit - Medley Centre
Kingston - ex-JCPenney
New Hartford - former Sears, Sangertown Square (confirmed!)
Auburn - former Rex, Fingerlakes Mall
Clay - former Bon-Ton or Macys, Great Northern Mall
Syracuse - Destiny USA, same as above as of February 2016
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village
Camillus - former Bon-Ton

Sunday, August 23, 2015


A typical Maaco center
There was no photo on flickr at all so I used Wikimedia for a change.
Now for something new.  Maaco are known for panel beaters making cars look like brand new once again after a bust-up.  I heard of them from Downstate and the closest one to me is in Albany.  Here's where they could go:

Syracuse (west) - Westvale Plaza (former Pep Boys/Name Brand Deals/Genesee Theater) - best bet
Syracuse (east) - NY 5/Erie Blvd E (former Arthur Treachers/Kwik Fill)
Cicero/North Syracuse - US 11
New Hartford - former Price Chopper or Circuit City
Cortland - Riverside Plaza (if I don't put Planet Fitness there first)
Latham - Latham Circle Mall
Auburn - former P&C
Oswego - former Staples
Rome - former Staples
Liverpool - former Price Chopper
Fulton - former kmart (split with ALDI) on NY 481, Davidson/Fred Raynor/Reymore Ford on NY 3 or Nestlé plant on NY 481
Pulaski - former Als Big Corner Market on NY 13
Junius Ponds - Waterloo Premium Outlets
Irondequoit - Medley Center
deWitt - Shoppingtown Mall or former SAAB on NY 5
Camillus - Township 5
Horseheads - former ALDI
Ithaca - former kmart, NY 13 & 96
Watertown - Arsenal St (NY 3)
Palatine Bridge - former Ames
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Henrietta, NY location just south of Rochester.
ALDI may seem too easy to expand compared to most other chains in the US or Europe but there are still some areas that could use one.

Fulton - former Nestlé plant (being built now to hopefully open later in 2016)
Phoenix - County Rt. 57 (start from scratch)
Tully - US 11/NY 80 or NY 281 (near regional warehouse)
laFayette - US 20 (also original building)
North Adams, MA - outgoing Price Chopper
Watervliet- former Price Chopper
Menands - former Save-a-Lot (TBD)

They should also open in Canada but that's for another day.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Brueggers Bagels

Bruegger's Bagels
Flagship store in Burlington, VT.
There are still some spots that have yet to open a Brueggers Bagels:

Cicero - Former Tim Hortons on US 11 or McDonalds on Circle Drive near Marketplace (far enough from existing North Syracuse store)
Cortland - Downtown, Riverside Plaza, former Bob Evans or Tim Hortons, or Cortlandville
Oswego - Former Arbys, Ponderosa, Dollar Tree or other vacancy on NY 104, or Real Deals in Mid-City Plaza
Ithaca - The Commons, ex-Tim Hortons, Lansing or NY 13/96*
Binghamton - Johnson City, Vestal or Downtown*
Canandaigua - former Ponderosa, NY 5/US 20
Corning - Downtown in former Crunge Records*
Elmira/Horseheads - Arnot Mall/TBD*
Baldwinsville - former Burger King (NY 31/370)
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall, Tim Hortons, Grant Ave (NY 5) or Genesee St
Geneva - NY 5/US 20 or NY 14 Downtown
Junius Ponds - Waterloo Premium Outlets
Syracuse - Tim Hortons or Armory Square (SU Hill store now Orange Crate Brewing Company)
Utica - Genesee St between downtown and Deerfield
New Hartford - Sangertown Square, Commercial Drive (NY 5A) or Genesee St
Oneida - former Friendlys or Tim Hortons
Fayetteville - former Jays Village Chevrolet (though Manlius and Syracuse east side [Erie Blvd or Nottingham Road] are close enough)
Clay - Great Northern Mall food court
Watertown - Salmon Run Mall or Arsenal Street

UPDATE: Regional franchise Flour City Bagels have entered administration which likely puts the idea of any new locations on hold for the foreseeable future and would have to be approved by court.  The SU Hill location is now closed so other posts will suggest what could replace it.

*I go to these areas less often so if you know them let me know a place.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Golden Corral

Golden Corral
Henrietta location near Rochester.  Might have gone by this recently.
A lot of what I put down for 99 goes for this too.  The only one I ever went to was on NY 481 in Fulton in 2002 but it is now a day care and the one I have shown here is the closest now 85 miles away in Monroe County.  The former Cici's location in Cicero would make sense as they are a buffet chain too but with pizza and macaroni cheese from what I recall.  I don't even go to indie Chinese buffets anymore myself but I still want this in Syracuse too (more here).  One off NY 598 is back on the table however in Syracuse.

99 Restaurants

99 Restaurant
Location closer to the chains home office.
I've only gone in New Hartford and maybe Albany but this is long overdue for a post:

Clay - Former Ruby Tuesdays, Great Northern Mall, NY 31 & 481
Syracuse (Destiny USA) - Former IHOP, CilantroMex, Ruby Tuesdays or Unos
East Syracuse/deWitt - Former Carmellas Café/Mixers Grill
Camillus - Township 5 or W Genesee St
Fayetteville - Former Jays Village Chevrolet
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall or former P&C (must be torn down and restaurant built from scratch)
Cortland - former Bob Evans or Cortlandville
Liverpool/North Syracuse - former Bob Evans/7th North Buffet
Syracuse (Lyncourt/Eastwood) - former Chinese buffet in Shop City
Syracuse/Geddes - former Herb Philipsons/kmart in Western Lights (split with someone else)
Fulton - former Jreck Subs or Eckerd (must replace building too)
Oswego - former Tim Hortons
Cicero - former Cicis Pizza, Buffalo Wild Wings or other vacancies on Circle Drive
Camillus - former Friendlys
Canandaigua - former Ponderosa, NY 5/US 20
North Syracuse - former Tim Hortons, US 11
deWitt - former Ponderosa, Ruby Tuesdays or TGI Fridays in Shoppingtown Mall
Junius Ponds - Waterloo Premium Outlets (space near food court)
Irondequoit (Rochester suburb) - Medley Center or former Keenans
Syracuse (east side) - former PHP (medical center which has to be demolished on Erie Blvd E/NY 5) or Tilted Kilt

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Price Chopper/Market 32

Price Chopper
Then-Windsor, VT store, a possible former Grand Union and at least one in Albany County wound up the same way.
Even Price Chopper could expand their footprint and they could go in one of these spots even though they would likely get the new name Market 32:

Auburn (former P&C or Sears)
Ithaca (former kmart or Maines)
Horseheads (I seldom go to Twin Tiers anymore so do tell me where there's room)
Irondequoit - Medley Ctr
Henrietta - Marketplace Mall or former Tops
Greece - former Maines
Geneva - former Tops
Canandaigua - vacancy on US 20/NY 5

Wegmans in the Capital Region and Beyond

Henrietta, NY outside Rochester, Wegmans' hometown (I go to the Brighton one when I'm in Monroe County myself).
Wegmans have a reputation that reaches well outside their core market that stretches from New England to the Mid-Atlantic (rather Virginia closer to Washington, DC as the Alexandria store recently opened).  The NY Capital Region has been overlooked for a long time and it has been said that a gentlemans agreement between the family and the Golubs who run Price Chopper out of Schenectady County agreed to avoid each others backyards while competing in Massachusetts, CNY, Twin Tiers and half of Pennsylvania.  Hopes remain high for Albany area shoppers who don't want to go to my neck of the woods or towards Boston where another store will open in a couple years.  Even down the Hudson downstate one is set for Brooklyn though people there can take NJ Transit over to New Jersey (i.e. Mercer) if they can manage that.  While I don't go to the Capital District quite as much as I have growing up anymore, where to build is more of a challenge as Wegmans stores now are streets ahead of other competitors like Hannaford, ShopRite and almost even Walmart as far as size is concerned so this will be more of a guess than when I usually do this kind of post so if you know the vicinity more than I do these days feel free to comment on where they could go.  All I did was leave a brief anonymous handwritten note urging that they open in Cuomo Country in the suggestion box over at my local store, something which people in Syracuse may take for granted being eight in Onondaga County alone (one going to Tops has come up here in the past, as it is rare in recent memory for a Wegmans to have to go as have Driving Park (now ShopRites sister chain PriceRite) in their native Monroe County or the original John Glenn store in Liverpool when a newer one opened next door several years ago).  The Mohawk Valley and even Cortland County could also be a part of this and while I go there a bit more trying to find the space in smaller towns is also a bit of a do as the usual vacancies I see wouldn't even suit a Lidl or Waitrose for that matter in the EU.  Wegmans are simply too leviathan in nature to just retrofit someone elses old building so they just start from scratch anyway.  Just need enough land and there's the old adage of location, location, location (even though it's more clichéd with residential than commercial property, but since this is a business that's open to the public, of course, everyone has to be able to find it easily).  Zoning laws, traffic concerns and other red tape are a given too.  They're no run of the mill big box.  Here's where the Consumer Reports #1 supermarket pick could expand their footprint now:

Cortlandville - NY 13 (vacant lot south of NY 281 looks big enough to build)
Watertown - NY 3 or 12
New Hartford - NY 5A
Utica - NY 8 & 12
Herkimer - NY 5
Oneida - NY 5
Latham - US 9 & NY 2 (possibly where Latham Circle Mall had been)
East Greenbush - NY 43 or US 4
Glenmont - US 9W
Rotterdam - Rotterdam Square Mall (if much of it including the former Macys is demolished)
Kingston - Dutchess County Mall (around the old JCPenney as this is in between Albany and NYC)
Rhinebeck - US 9
Fishkill - US 9 (hotbed for big box in Dutchess County)
Washington, DC (even though Alexandria, VA store just opened across the Potomac)
Schenectady - NY 5
Springfield - US 20? (a Berkshires store would make sense as they work their way east on I-90)
Worcester - TBD (I don't know the first thing about this except that it's in the middle of the capitals)

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Elyria, OH store (Cleveland suburb)
Now something for the ladies who have real-sized bodies.  Trying not to do just what I like here:

Syracuse - former Dots (Shop City), downtown, and/or rival chain Catherines (Western Lights)
Westvale - former Dance Center
North Syracuse - former Fashion Bug (Northern Lights)
Clay - Great Northern Mall or former Verizon Wireless
Oswego - Mid-City Plaza or east side Dollar Tree or other vacancy on NY 104
Fulton - former Eckerd
deWitt - Shoppingtown Mall
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall
Junius Ponds - Waterloo Premium Outlets
Cortland - downtown, Riverside Plaza, or Cortlandville
Manlius - Madison Row
Fayetteville - Fayetteville Square or Town Center
Cicero - Circle Drive
Mattydale - former Daddy's Music
Watertown - Salmon Run Mall or Seaway Shopping Center
Baldwinsville -former Rite Aid

Coffee Beanery

Location in Shanghai, mainland China.
Now for something different.  Coffee will never go out of fashion so here's where we should get it.
Only went to the Renssalaer location at the railway station:

Clay - Great Northern Mall or former Tim Hortons (Moyers Corners)
deWitt - Shoppingtown Mall or former Pearle Vision
Cortland - downtown or former Tim Hortons
North Syracuse and Cicero - former Tim Hortons
Fairmount - former Byrne Dairy
Fayetteville, Oneida, Mattydale, Utica and Albany (Delaware area) - former Friendlys
Rochester - downtown, new train station in 2017 or former Blockbuster Video
Fulton - former Jreck Subs or Eckerd
Oswego - downtown, Mid-City Plaza, Dollar Tree or other vacancy on NY 104, or former Arbys or Ponderosa
Central Square - former Disc Connection
Baldwinsville - former Burger King
Liverpool - former Arbys, 7th North Buffet/Bob Evans, Burger King/Heartland Subs, Chase (7th North St) or Cams Pizzeria
Syracuse - NY 635/Thompson Road in former Tim Hortons
Syracuse (SU Hill) - former Copy Centers, even with local and national competitors at close hand
Manlius - Madison Row
East Syracuse - former Ricos Ristorante
Chittenango - former Sunrise or downtown
Canandaigua - former Ponderosa, NY 5/US 20
Canastota - former Family Dollar
Rome - Black River Blvd./NY 46 TBD
Utica - former Rite Aid downtown
Auburn - former Walgreens
Cicero - former Tim Hortons/Mighty Taco or Buffalo Wild Wings

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Hannaford South Burlington, VT
South Burlington, VT store (only one I could find that was freely licenced and not with cold weather or people in it).
Even Hannaford could use more stores despite owner Delhaize possibly merging with Benelux rival retailer Ahold (former owner of Tops and mid-Atlantic chain BI-LO).

Auburn (former P&C)
Fulton (former kmart)
Oswego (former Tops)
Rome (NY 46 or 49)
Hyde Park (former Grand Union or ShopRite on US 9)
North Adams, MA (outgoing Price Chopper)
Watervliet (former Price Chopper on NY 32 though it's even smaller than the existing Voorheesville location yet not the right size for a 7-Eleven)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

D.P. Dough

DP Dough
Ithaca location (even though I'd usually gone to the Cortland one in the next county but now I'll have to go here for a change)
DP Dough are another franchised chain I only wish I could afford to buy into.  They specialise in calzones (a rival chain which they used to compete with in downtown Cortland if not anywhere else could also expand but I wanna focus on places not immediately in the Syracuse area at least).  I also know them from Albany and went once or twice there before.  They are primed to branch out some more.  They really only offer spots in certain states near universities* as that's their target market:

Syracuse (downtown/Armory Square) - former Cal-Zonies/American Garbage Plate
Utica (downtown) - former Rite Aid/Woolworth's?
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall food court (NY 5/US 20)
Oswego* - former Arby's or Eckerd (NY 104) or Calios (downtown)
Fulton - former Jreck Subs (S 1st St E or NY 481)
Clay - Great Northern Mall (NY 31 & 481, former Brooklyn Slice/Sbarro)
deWitt - Shoppingtown Mall (NY 5, former Arbys or Charleys Subs)
Fairmount - former Thrifty Shopper (left half)
Cortland - downtown one is gone now so new one will be in Riverside Plaza near my Planet Fitness! (NY 13 & I-81)
Syracuse (south side) - former Blockbuster
Syracuse (north side) - Destiny USA (new section as food court except Unos is full)
Liverpool - Aldi plaza in former Quizno's or former Arbys or Cams on Co Rt 57
North Syracuse - Northern Lights or North Plaza
Cicero - former McDonald's on Circle Drive, Buffalo Wild Wings or Tim Hortons/Mighty Taco on US 11
Watertown - Salmon Run Mall (NY 3 and 12F)
Syracuse - Shop City (former Quizno's, buffet/Japanese restaurant or Blockbuster)
Syracuse (SU Hill)* - former Copy Centers (even though rivals Calios are around the corner)
Geneva - downtown (NY 14)
Seneca Falls (NY 5 & US 20)
Corning - downtown
Niagara Falls, NY - close to casino, falls and customs

Other locations TBD as some places I don't go to as much if ever anymore.  I'm open to suggestions.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

diBella's Subs

Mentor, OH location outside Cleveland. Wish I had a warmer one!
I was told about diBellas a year or two ago on a Facebook group for another chain as someone asked where to go instead as the other place was out of reach.  diBellas are to me except when I go to their native Monroe County (only just learned they're from outside Rochester) and Albany County (even though I usually go to local rival Mr Subb when I visit there).  Back in Kodak country, I thought diBellas were just another Italian restaurant which would be a bit much on the road.  I ate at the Brighton flagship and it's streets ahead of Subway and even another Flower City native Wegmans (we have eight in Onondaga County so they're too easy for me like the multinational one).  Here's where diBella's should open new locations in CNY and beyond (we did have a word over the phone):

Fulton (former Tim Hortons, Jrecks or Eckerd)
Oswego (former Ponderosa, Eckerd, Dollar Tree or other vacancy on NY 104, or Arby's)
North Syracuse (Northern Lights, former Ponderosa or United Inn [Buckley Road])
deWitt (Bridge Street confirmed to open by next year)
Liverpool (former Quizno's, 7th North Buffet, Burger King/Heartland Subs, Chase or Arby's)
Cortland (downtown, Tim Hortons or Riverside Plaza)
Baldwinsville (former Burger King)
Utica (former Rite Aid or Friendly's)
New Hartford (former Ground Round, Toys 'R Us or NY 5A/Commercial Drive)
Canandaigua - former Ponderosa (NY 5/US 20)
Poughkeepsie - former Quiznos (US 9)
Chittenango (former Kinney Pharmacy)
Bridgeport (former Kinney or Victory Market)
Cicero (former McDonald's, Plainvilles Natures Fare, Buffalo Wild Wings, Tim Hortons/Mighty Taco or Seasonal Merchandise)
Syracuse (former Tipp Hill Denny's, Western Lights and/or Erie Blvd E/NY 5)
Oneida - NY 5
Rome - NY 46
Canastota - NY 13
Auburn (former P&C on Genesee St and/or Grant Ave./NY 5)
Marcellus (former AOK)
Westvale (Westvale Plaza but different section than "the other place")
Fairmount (former Thrifty Shopper)
Ithaca (The Commons or NY 13/96)
Nedrow (Green Hills Plaza)
Baldwinsville (former Rite Aid on Downer St and Tim Hortons on Moyers Corners)
Central Square (former Disc Connection)
Watertown (former Tilted Kilt)

Most of these could also be used for Firehouse Subs (which is now in Camillus and are already in Tompkins County) or Jersey Mikes for that matter!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Retail Latin America: Drugstore chain Walgreens to close 200 U.S. stores...

Retail Latin America: Drugstore chain Walgreens to close 200 U.S. stores...: by    John Kell Drugstore retailer is planning to trim $1.5 billion in expenses over the next three years. Drugstore chain Walgreens...

Wallingford, CT store.

Just hope they don't leave my area again.  I may have to go there again soon.  If so maybe CVS could get their stores here as they have even fewer in these parts.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Warm-Air-Fund: Trying to escape New Siberia!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tide Dry Cleaners

Tide Dry Cleaners Franchise Opportunities Available
Only free image I can find right now.
I was just informed of another franchising opportunity, this time Tide Dry Cleaners as an ad appeared in the paper and like most laundrettes in my area it's all indie (I go to one that has both offered).  No TDC locations are on the coasts just yet but of they come my way they could open in these locations:

East Syracuse
Fayetteville (former Fayetteville Cleaners)
New Hartford
Syracuse (west side)

I'd be lucky to start one of these!