Saturday, March 13, 2010

Former Peter's locations

I took this myself and made it as close as possible from memory.

No photo exists of the Skytop Peter's as that, so I had to make do.

My one-time employer Peter's Groceries were a fixture in my area from 1944 until late 2004. After three generations and administration, they became another statistic of a local business being lost to the ages. Here's where they used to be:

501 Midland Ave., Syracuse south side (original store)
Skytop Plaza, Syracuse (pictured, flagship now a Tops)
Shop City Plaza, Syracuse (formerly Green Hills, co-existed in plaza with and was bought out by P&C, and now Tops as well)
5399 N. Burdick Street, Fayetteville (now a Kohls)
NY 5 & 92, Lyndon (DeWitt/Fayetteville)
500 Butternut Square, Syracuse north side (now a Save-a-Lot)
US 11, North Syracuse (previously William's, now Planet Fitness, Thrifty Shopper and Maines)

Peter's had been part of the Hometown Markets partnership (in a later post). Many longtime employees stayed on through different vintages and changing of hands. Personally, I was better at shopping there than working there, to cut a long story short. The pressure was on, and the Peter family were petered out! Still many older townies remember it, especially as an IGA franchise! Still, it's good to remember a simpler time!

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