Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Former P&C locations

P&C logo
Logo drawn by me.

These are former locations of P&C that had already closed years ago or recently, mainly in CNY. All NYS and/or vacant unless indicated:

Fulton - should become a Tops, now CCC North
Clyde - had last surviving early sign, now a  Save-a-Lot
Bath - now a Save-a-Lot as well
Tyrone, PA (4/24) - closing BiLo
Johnstown, PA (BiLo) - now a Valu King
Rome (NY 26) - Now a Dollar General
Rome (NY 46) - now a Price Chopper
Rome (Freedom Mall) - later Tops, then P&C again, and back to Tops
Pulaski - now a Tractor Supply
Ogdensburg (4/20) - also a Save-a-Lot
Philipsburg, PA (BiLo)
Syracuse (Burnet Ave.) - Open 1986-2004; demolished for Bill Rapp Nissan*
Syracuse (Shop City) - Left in '80s, replaced Peter's in late 2004
Mattydale - open 1986-94; now Big Lots*
Mattydale - Penny Curtiss bakery division
Auburn (Grant Ave.) - demolished for Walgreens
Auburn (Genesee St.) - should become a Price Chopper or PriceRite
Oswego **
Syracuse (Eastwood) - Later Arc; also demolished for Walgreens
Fairmount - now Bed Bath and Beyond
Utica - later Tops and now Hannaford (it's a small town, so I know)
Schenectady - left in late '90s
Hanover, NH
Lincoln, NH
Attica (Quality)
Jamestown (Quality)
Peterborough, NH (was also A&P who are completely gone)
West Carthage**
Seneca Falls*
Elmira Heights
Geneva - Tops are already in town
Batavia - closed decades ago
East Syracuse - later Big M (former stepsister), now Thrifty Shopper (info based on picture of familiar marina-style building typical in postwar era)
Gang Mills
Watkins Glen
Muncy, PA - BiLo turned Big Lots
Bradford, VT - now a Hannaford, may have been a Grand Union before P&C
Lakewood, NY (Quality)
White River Jct., VT - far outside usual Tops market region; previously a Grand Union
Erie, PA (Quality) - overlaps with existing Tops
Ithaca (Hancock St.) - same reason although Pine Tree Road one survives to this day
Cortland, NY (US 11/NY 41) - overlaps with existing Tops on NY 281 in Cortlandville; also formerly Grand Union should become a PriceRite (see other post while Riverside Plaza one lives on)
Clarion, PA (BiLo)
Blairsville, PA (BiLo)
Cicero - now an Ollie's Bargain Outlet
Judd Falls
Syracuse (Tipperary Hill) - Later a bingo hall, now a Jehovahs Witness Kingdom Hall
Syracuse (Valley Plaza) - now a Tops
Waterbury, VT
Natrona Heights, PA (BiLo)
Lebanon, NH - now Price Chopper
Hollidaysburg, PA (BiLo)
Colchester, VT
Rutland, VT - previously Grand Union and now Hannaford
Martinsburg, WV - left state years ago, as did sister stores BiLo and Big Bear
State College, PA - long gone from Centre County
Macedon (NY 31)
Canandaigua (NY 5/US 20)
Herkimer - now Hannaford
Oneida - now Price Chopper
Painted Post
Randolph, VT
Towanda, PA
New Hartford- now Hannaford
Little Falls - now Hannaford
duBois, PA (BiLo)***
Brookville, PA (BiLo)***
St Marys, PA (BiLo)***
Titusville, PA (Quality)***
Dunkirk (Quality)
Woodstock, VT - also was a Grand Union, then a Mac's Markets

Other towns TBD. Some of this was from a Google search, some from press, and some from memory. Many P&C locations that remained have just become Tops, from the North Country, Central Leatherstocking Region, southeast Finger Lakes, then Twin Tiers, and all the way back to Central New York.

*Previously Tops
**now Price Chopper
***now Giant Eagle


  1. There are at least two former P & C locations missing from your list.

    One in Cobleskill, NY, which is now an Agway/Kelley Farm & Garden/True Value Hardware, and one in Oneonta, NY. I don't remember what they converted that P & C into. Both of these locations closed sometime after 2003 but before 2006.

  2. More additions, from Rome, NY:

    1) P&C used to have a store on the north side of Rome along Route 26 (Turin Rd). It shared an ugly old building with what used to be a Carl's Drugs > Fays Drugs > Eckerd > Rite Aid. Don't know if the drugstore is still there, but the P&C closed a long time ago and part of the space has been converted to a Dollar General. This P&C was awful; still had cashiers punching prices manually (no scanners) well into the 90s, and the decor was stuck in the late 70s/early 80s.

    2) P&C finally built a new store on Black River Blvd, between Chestnut Street and James Street, in the late 90s or early 2000s. But only a few years later, it would close up, and Price Chopper, which had a Super Center across the street, moved into the slightly larger P&C store.

    3) P&C had a *really* bad store on Erie Blvd West, next to JCPenney in what was once called "Freedom Mall." The outside was so bad and the plaza was kinda sketchy, so we almost never went there when I was a kid. Sometime in the late 90s, the place was torn down. Tops built a brand new store on the site, much better looking, cleaner, etc. Ironically, when Tops pulled out of the CNY area, they sold the store to P&C -- and the store wound up back into Tops ownership when P&C went bankrupt for the last time earlier this year.

  3. The Cobleskill P&C, located independently out of the actual town, Closed in December 200. It was purchased by the State University of New York at Cobleskill, the leased out to Sears (on used 1/3rd of the stores sq. ft), Sears closed and True Value moved in. It was open and closed my first semester of college, was a 1980's looking store, but was very enjoyable, and convienient.
    The Canandaigua P&C closed in 2002, was a clean store, located adjacent from Wal-Mart, and the plaza was less than a mile from Danny Wegmans "child" mega Wegmans store. Closed prior to the new Tops opening uptown on Rt. 332. The store was vacant, and used as a temprary book discount store, a seasonal holloween store and then it was split up in 2008, and Peebles department store occupies part of the space, and the other half is still vacant.
    Border City P&C (Geneva/Waterloo) on Rt 5&20, relocated next to the busier Rt 414/5&20 intersection in Seneca Falls. Closed in the 1980's, and is now a Hep Sales.

    1. Just found in a box of old slides a series of the 1971 Cobleskill College homecoming parade, taken from a vantage point just across the road from the P&C so many of them show it in the background.

  4. Cobleskill P&C closed December 2003

  5. New Hartford P&C became a Price Chopper (which had moved there from K-Mart Plaza)...the Hannaford's started out as something like a "Shop & Save".

    Herkimer P&C was torn down & the county wants to build its new jail on that site. Hannaford had built its own store a short distance away.

  6. When did the P&C on Turin Rd in Rome, NY close? I know it was somewhere around 200-2002...

  7. The former P&C in Plattsburgh, NY closed sometime around 2007-2008, and (along with the rest of the former Ames/P&C Plaza) was demolished in 2010-11, though the Ames and P&C signs are still located at the entrances to the plaza.

  8. There was a P&C in Gloversville NY. Was later home to Staples for a few years, now is a Tractor Supply Store.

  9. The Colchester, VT P&C has been a Price Chopper since at least 2012.

  10. northside shopping plaza in Oneida, replaced by Sav-A-Lot, now an auto parts store

  11. There used to be a P&C in Ticonderoga on Montcalm St that closed sometime in the 80s. In the 90s it was an independent (Ticonderoga Market) and then a Great American. It closed in '99 shortly after Wal-Mart opened it that town. After sitting empty for 5 years it became a Family Dollar, but that store closed within a couple of years.

    The building's current use is somewhat unique for an old grocery store. It houses an exact replica of the sets from the original Star Trek series. A local guy who works as an Elvis impersonator used his own money to build the sets and along with an army of volunteers filmed several Star Trek fan movies, and even got some of the original actors to appear. After CBS changed the rules for fan films, they stopped filming and started offering tours to the public. William Shatner himself even made a recent appearance at the set.

  12. There are a few more that I know are or were later Tops: Canastota, Cooperstown, Chittenango, and Cazenovia (this one was one of those branded as a "P&C Fresh").

    The one in Sherrill is also a Tops, which is ironic considering they closed their previous location in 2005 only to have one open 2 miles east of Oneida.

    The Valley Plaza one in Syracuse, along with the (new) Geneva location also closed as Tops in November 2018.