Monday, March 29, 2010

Hometown Markets

Hometown Markets logo

Hometown Markets was a co-op of independent supermarkets in Central New York from the '80s and '90s that teamed up against the big boys, even though they were clients of Penn Traffic's former wholesale division, which also serviced Big M, Neighborhood Markets, and other indies, so they would have many of the same items, including store brands from PT's Commander Foods division until replaced by Chicago-based Topco in 1993. Here's a list of all the stores in the group:

Peter's - last one to close to date (see earlier post)
William's - was largest indie in state, now lost to the ages
Arace's - one I never knew about until recently
Sweetheart Market - another North Syracuse landmark; sign survives
Nojaim Bros. - the sole survivors; still operating in Syracuse and Marcellus
Burnet - previously Big M in Eastwood, short-lived in Camillus
Smith's - had been in Chittenango, Cazenovia, Fayetteville, Minoa, Manlius, and East Syracuse
Snyder's - also faded into obscurity

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