Saturday, September 12, 2015


Peebles, Cheboygan
Cheboygan, MI store.  Previously a Kroger and Carter Foods.
Been meaning to do this.  Their ad in the Auburn paper reminded me.  Possible Peebles placements:

Camillus - former Bon-Ton
Fulton - former kmart on NY 481
deWitt - former Dicks in Shoppingtown or Michaels up NY 5
Syracuse - former Herb Phillipsons in Western Lights and/or Bon-Ton in Destiny USA
Liverpool - former Price Chopper on Ct Rt 57
North Syracuse - Northern Lights
Clay - former Bon-Ton, Great Northern Mall
Clifton Park - outgoing OfficeMax
Colonie - former Barnes & Noble
Auburn - former P&C
Cortland - former flea market if I don't put Planet Fitness there first
New Hartford - former Sears in Sangertown Square or Price Chopper on NY 5A
Irondequoit - Skyview on the Ridge (ex-Medley Ctr)
Latham - Latham Circle Mall
Rome - former Staples
Syracuse - former Bon-Ton in Destiny USA
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village

Saturday, September 5, 2015


North Haven, CT store.
Now to switch gears and head to bed!  Sleepy's could open in these locations:

Camillus - former Bon-Ton
Syracuse (east side) - former Big Sur Waterbeds/Bedroom Expressions or Sofas & Chairs (both are on Erie Blvd E./NY 5)
Syracuse (north side) - Destiny USA (former Circuit City, Bon-Ton or Sports Authority)
New Hartford - Sangertown Square (ex-Sears) or Commercial Drive/NY 5A (former Babies 'R Us or Price Chopper)
Cortland - NY 13, Riverside Plaza or US 11/NY 41 (former P&C)
deWitt - NY 5, Shoppingtown Mall (former Dicks)
Liverpool - Co. Rt. 57 (former Wegmans or Price Chopper)
Clay - NY 31, Great Northern Mall (former Chappells/Bon-Ton)
Auburn - NY 5/US 20, Fingerlakes Mall (former Rex)
Oswego - NY 104 (former Dollar Tree or other vacancy on NY 104)
Rome - NY 49 (former Staples)
Ithaca - NY 13/96 (former kmart)
Fulton - NY 481 (former kmart if split with ALDI)
Oneida - NY 46 (former Herb Phillipsons)
Syracuse (west side) - Western Lights (former Herb Phillipsons)
Irondequoit - Medley Center
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village
North Syracuse - former Staples, Michaels or Media Play, Northern Lights

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hardee's/Carl's Jr.

Hardee's Seville
Seville, OH location outside Cleveland.
Hardee's/Carl's Jr. (Carls Jnr) are another chain lacking in Upstate, NY (I see Marathon in there and we just got their sister chain Speedway and Circle K will be a later post).  Hardee's used to be in Hotel Syracuse (getting a renewal of their own) and Moyers Corners in what was later JD's Fish 'n' Grill and is now a vacant Tim Hortons (the mailing address is Baldwinsville).  Much of what I put down for Chick-Fil-A would work for Hardee's or Carl's Jr. and given CFA's reputation many would rather see Hardee's come back.  The closest one to CNY right now is in Harrisburg, PA.  Many other recently shuttered Tim Hortons would work for new stores.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Chick-Fil-A Sicklerville, NJ
Gloucester, NJ location near Philadelphia
Chick Fil-A may be the Hobby Lobby of fast food, but their chicken wasn't half-bad when I went to the Alexandria, VA one last year near Washington, DC.  Rival Christian-run chain In-N-Out doesn't believe in franchising leaving all O&Os in the western US.  The scandal aside, here's where to perch:

Clay - Great Northern Mall
Canandaigua - former Ponderosa, NY 5/US 20
Cicero - confirmed for US 11 by Home Depot
North Syracuse - former Tim Hortons
Liverpool - former Arbys (CR 57)
deWitt - NY 5, Shoppingtown (also an ex-Arbys)
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall
Oswego - another old Arbys or even Ponderosa
Fulton - former Jreck Subs
Cortland - NY 13 (former Tim Hortons) or 281 (once thought to open at SUNY Cortland but the idea was slated)
Fayetteville - former Eastern Mountain Sports
Cortlandville - NY 13, former McDonalds
Albany - Colonie Center (non-CNY)
CNY et al - former Tim Hortons
Syracuse (north side) - former KFC
Syracuse (SU Hill) - former Copy Centers


Downstate flagship during the festive period.
Another department store of this calibre yet to build on Upstate soil.  Let's put the "bloom" back in Bloomie's then!:

DeWitt - Shoppingtown (former Macys [sister store]/Kaufmanns/Addis & Deys or JCPenney)
New Hartford - Sangertown Square (former Sears)
Kingston - former JCPenney
Irondequoit - Medley Centre (much of it can be cleared anyway; Rochester area)
Latham - Latham Circle Mall (will have to be stand-alone; only Albany area one I can think of)
Alexandria, VA - Landmark Mall (only non-NY one; thought I'd try there for a change)
Syracuse - ex-Bon-Ton (includes the empty downstairs)
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village
Clay - former Macys but now new Bloomingdales may have to wait
Camillus - former Bon-Ton


31 Flavours UK location at nights.
Baskin Robbins have been in DeWitt and Manlius as well as SU Hill in the past, but never stuck around.  If arch rivals Dairy Queen can return to CNY, BR can too.  Here's where they can open:

deWitt - Shoppingtown (food court, not where they were when I was growing up)
Liverpool - former Arbys, Co Rt 57 and former Subway/Indian restaurant down the road in Galeville
Baldwinsville - former Rite Aid
Cicero/North Syracuse - former Tim Hortons/Mighty Taco (US 11) or McDonalds (Circle Dr.)
Clay - Great Northern Mall (food court in former Plainville or other vacant spot)
Syracuse (north side) - Destiny USA (food court)
East Syracuse - former Tim Hortons (NY 290)
North Syracuse - former Tim Hortons (US 11 by Sweetheart Corners)
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall (food court; NY 5/US 20) or former Tim Hortons (NY 5)
Fayetteville - former Jays Village Chevrolet (NY 5)
Syracuse (west side) - former Sam Dell Dodge (new building on site has space for BR)
Cortland - downtown or former Tim Hortons (NY 13) or Cortlandville (former McDonalds)
Oswego - Mid-City Plaza (NY 481 & 104), former Tim Hortons (NY 481) or former Arbys (NY 104)
Syracuse (Eastwood/Lyncourt) - former First Niagara Bank in Shop City
Syracuse (SU Hill) - former Breuggers Bagels around corner from former location (now NBT Bank)
Colonie - Colonie Ctr. (food court) (Albany County; only non-CNY one I can think of now)
New Hartford - Commercial Drive (NY 5A) (vacancy near NY Mills that was temporarily being used by Rite Aid while they fixed up their store across the street)
Manlius - former Kimberlys Ice Cream Factory (a couple miles or so from the old one) (NY 92)