Wednesday, July 22, 2015

D.P. Dough

DP Dough
Ithaca location (even though I'd usually gone to the Cortland one in the next county but now I'll have to go here for a change)
DP Dough are another franchised chain I only wish I could afford to buy into.  They specialise in calzones (a rival chain which they used to compete with in downtown Cortland if not anywhere else could also expand but I wanna focus on places not immediately in the Syracuse area at least).  I also know them from Albany and went once or twice there before.  They are primed to branch out some more.  They really only offer spots in certain states near universities* as that's their target market:

Syracuse (downtown/Armory Square) - former Cal-Zonies/American Garbage Plate
Utica (downtown) - former Rite Aid/Woolworth's?
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall food court (NY 5/US 20)
Oswego* - former Arby's or Eckerd (NY 104) or Calios (downtown)
Fulton - former Jreck Subs (S 1st St E or NY 481)
Clay - Great Northern Mall (NY 31 & 481, former Brooklyn Slice/Sbarro)
deWitt - Shoppingtown Mall (NY 5, former Arbys or Charleys Subs)
Fairmount - former Thrifty Shopper (left half)
Cortland - downtown one is gone now so new one will be in Riverside Plaza near my Planet Fitness! (NY 13 & I-81)
Syracuse (south side) - former Blockbuster
Syracuse (north side) - Destiny USA (new section as food court except Unos is full)
Liverpool - Aldi plaza in former Quizno's or former Arbys or Cams on Co Rt 57
North Syracuse - Northern Lights or North Plaza
Cicero - former McDonald's on Circle Drive, Buffalo Wild Wings or Tim Hortons/Mighty Taco on US 11
Watertown - Salmon Run Mall (NY 3 and 12F)
Syracuse - Shop City (former Quizno's, buffet/Japanese restaurant or Blockbuster)
Syracuse (SU Hill)* - former Copy Centers (even though rivals Calios are around the corner)
Geneva - downtown (NY 14)
Seneca Falls (NY 5 & US 20)
Corning - downtown
Niagara Falls, NY - close to casino, falls and customs

Other locations TBD as some places I don't go to as much if ever anymore.  I'm open to suggestions.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

diBella's Subs

Mentor, OH location outside Cleveland. Wish I had a warmer one!
I was told about diBellas a year or two ago on a Facebook group for another chain as someone asked where to go instead as the other place was out of reach.  diBellas are to me except when I go to their native Monroe County (only just learned they're from outside Rochester) and Albany County (even though I usually go to local rival Mr Subb when I visit there).  Back in Kodak country, I thought diBellas were just another Italian restaurant which would be a bit much on the road.  I ate at the Brighton flagship and it's streets ahead of Subway and even another Flower City native Wegmans (we have eight in Onondaga County so they're too easy for me like the multinational one).  Here's where diBella's should open new locations in CNY and beyond (we did have a word over the phone):

Fulton (former Tim Hortons, Jrecks or Eckerd)
Oswego (former Ponderosa, Eckerd, Dollar Tree or other vacancy on NY 104, or Arby's)
North Syracuse (Northern Lights, former Ponderosa or United Inn [Buckley Road])
deWitt (Bridge Street confirmed to open by next year)
Liverpool (former Quizno's, 7th North Buffet, Burger King/Heartland Subs, Chase or Arby's)
Cortland (downtown, Tim Hortons or Riverside Plaza)
Baldwinsville (former Burger King)
Utica (former Rite Aid or Friendly's)
New Hartford (former Ground Round, Toys 'R Us or NY 5A/Commercial Drive)
Canandaigua - former Ponderosa (NY 5/US 20)
Poughkeepsie - former Quiznos (US 9)
Chittenango (former Kinney Pharmacy)
Bridgeport (former Kinney or Victory Market)
Cicero (former McDonald's, Plainvilles Natures Fare, Buffalo Wild Wings, Tim Hortons/Mighty Taco or Seasonal Merchandise)
Syracuse (former Tipp Hill Denny's, Western Lights and/or Erie Blvd E/NY 5)
Oneida - NY 5
Rome - NY 46
Canastota - NY 13
Auburn (former P&C on Genesee St and/or Grant Ave./NY 5)
Marcellus (former AOK)
Westvale (Westvale Plaza but different section than "the other place")
Fairmount (former Thrifty Shopper)
Ithaca (The Commons or NY 13/96)
Nedrow (Green Hills Plaza)
Baldwinsville (former Rite Aid on Downer St and Tim Hortons on Moyers Corners)
Central Square (former Disc Connection)
Watertown (former Tilted Kilt)

Most of these could also be used for Firehouse Subs (which is now in Camillus and are already in Tompkins County) or Jersey Mikes for that matter!