Friday, April 28, 2017

Arby's former CNY locations

Former Liverpool location
Arby's are unique having roast beef instead of burgers.  I go once a month.  However, like their two competitors there are a number of closed locations:

Clay - Great Northern Mall, NY 31 & 481
Liverpool - Ct. Rt. 57 (above; local franchise office down the road)
Oswego, NY 104
deWitt - Shoppingtown, NY 5
Hyde Park, US 9 (I haven't been this way much in recent years)
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area: Scranton, Kingston, Pine Grove, Lycoming Mall, Wyoming Valley Mall and Schuykill Mall (according to ABC 16 WNEP)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Burger King former CNY locations

Burger King
Eastside location
Burger King may be in the same boat as far as writing about them but they too have several former locations in CNY I can recall.  They entered the area in 1975 when Carrols turned most of their locations into BK franchises and remain the leader from their modest sized headquarters on James Street.  A chain in northern Europe spun off of Carrols.  These ex-BKs in CNY were theirs:

Syracuse (downtown) - Galleries, opened in 1988; food court shuttered about two decades later, became offices and were absorbed by recent Library expansion
Syracuse (west side) - Burnet Park (now Rosamund Gifford) Zoo, now indie Jungle Café
deWitt (Erie Blvd E.) - NY 5, around where Econo Lodge is now
deWitt (Shoppingtown) - now vacant
Liverpool - Ct. Rt. 57, later Heartland Subs, now Rio Grande
Baldwinsville - NY 31 & 370, also vacant
Syracuse (SU Hill) - not quite sure but I have a hunch
Syracuse (Thompson Road) - new store replaced old one
Fairmount - same as across town above

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

McDonald's former CNY locations

Erie Blvd E & Seeley Rd location

McDonald's may seem far too easy to write about being in many nations, but there are just enough former locations in and around Syracuse committed to memory to warrant a post:

SU Hill - S Crouse Ave; one is a sushi bar about to be torn down, another was later Brueggers and is now vacant
Almond St - now Upstate Medical Offices
Downtown - now a Chinese takeaway
Clay - Great Northern Mall, possibly where Taco Bell or Subway are in the food court now; current location half a mile up NY 31 in Liverpool
Cicero - E Circle Dr, now vacant as new one opened around the corner on US 11
Liverpool - Old Liverpool Rd before village, now Village Burger
Fayetteville? (NY 5) - Fayetteville Mall in food court; current one next to Tops on former Sears site
deWitt - original location replaced by current store in '70s and has been renovated since that time
Manlius - NY 92 and/or 173?  A new one was proposed in recent years but fell through as Burger King are there now
South Ave. (NY 175) - now a church
S Geddes St. - also a church
Camillus - Camillus Mall? (stand alone one now across W Genesee St)
Cortland (Cortlandville) - NY 13, demolished when new one was built two doors down

Iceland lost all of theirs so I can't complain!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

7 Eleven and Sunoco

Hartford County location
7-Eleven and Sunoco announced a merger, so this could shake things up.  In CNY, the few 7-Elevens with petrol have rival Gulf (which was absent from Syracuse for over two decades).  We discussed 7-Eleven in an earlier post on new location ideas, but now A-Plus (which was originally with Atlantic; who spun off of Rockefellers Standard Oil conglomerate, the original Big Oil) could take the new name (took a while for another competitor Speedway to absorb Hess, so give it a year or so).  7-11 bought Wilson Farms which used to be owned by Tops.  Participating Sunocos in Price Choppers market area have discounts customers can earn (also covered in a previous article).  Some Sunocos have indie C-stores in them such as the Westvale (Delles), Fulton (Clancys), Oswego (Xpress Mart), Bridgeport (SunTrac), or Lyncourt (Ohri Gas Land) locations or regional chains like ExpressMart (deWitt flagship), Stewarts Shops (Albany County), Runway (Camillus) and Nice-'n-Easy (East Syracuse).  Also these existing C-stores are usually smaller than an average 7-Eleven.  Sunoco bought Atlantic in 1993.  Few older locations are still in business in CNY now such as in van Buren and Onondaga Hill if I'm not mistaken.
Due to the nature of the system, adding pumps to non-gas stores would take a lot of work and red tape.  The Eastwood 7-Eleven is right next door to yet another nemesis and Standard Oil spinoff, Mobil.  A new Sunoco/7-Eleven could be built in an area with less competition.  Just as long as I can use my FuelAdvantage every once in a while with another rise just made.

Monday, April 10, 2017

US Bank

Day 208/365
Omaha, NE location
Here are US Bank for a change.  When First Niagara and KeyBanks swapped and closed locations this past year, they left enough for another chain or local credit union to take over.  While my local FCU could get some (that's for another day), others may either be too close to existing locations or just not in their market area (they are only in Onondaga County).  US Bank meanwhile seem to be chiefly in the Midwest being from Hennepin County in Minnesota going towards the west coast.  Might be time they open east of the Mississippi.  I'd have to find a chain that operate in my area and Florida if I move there for the winter next year as my relatives who do that in the mid-Atlantic have to bank online so they don't have to try and set up with something there as few chains are really national.

deWitt - NY 5, Shoppingtown
East Syracuse - former HSBC (Kinne and Kirkville Roads)
Henrietta - NY 252 (former KeyBank)
Baldwinsville (Moyers Corners) - NY 31 and Ct Rt 57
Manlius - Fairgrounds Drive (former SECNY)
Liverpool - Ct Rt 57, Shops at Seneca Mall (if Moyers Corners not chosen) or former CVS/pharmacy
Rochester (Collegetown) - NY 15, former CVS/pharmacy
Rochester (downtown) - Cumberland, N Clinton and Joseph Sts off Inner Loop (bus station after it merges operations with railway station across the street)
Bridgeport - NY 31, former Kinney Pharmacy
Chittenango - NY 5/13, same as above
Auburn - Genesee St (former Walgreens)
Cicero - Circle Drive (former McDonalds)
Westvale - NY 5 (former Pep Boys)
Oneida - NY 5 (former Tim Hortons)
North Syracuse - US 11 (same as above)
Syracuse (Shop City) - former BSBank/Blockbuster Video.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Gas discounts

Even across the seaway from HQ isn't this high!
Many chains around the country have offered gas discounts for several years now.  Some have their own brand like Tops shown here, while others partner with a third party, as some of Tops' former sister chains use Shell (which left Syracuse decades ago) if not have their own (like Martins).  Price Chopper was one of the first in Upstate NY to have a program in collaboration with participating Sunocos.  Valero had one each at Strupplers and Village Market IGA in Oswego County until both became Tops in the past couple years.  In the Hudson Valley where Tops have grown south of former Grand Unions they acquired, they bought some of their ex-sister chains stores after they merged with another from Europe because of overlap and FTC regulations, and there shoppers save on gift cards to be used at area Shell, Irving (I don't even see these in their native Canada when I go, and doing the math with metric measurements, it costs much more), BP (left Syracuse along with their sisters Arco and Amoco) and Gulf (recently back in CNY) stations.  Tops in my neck of the woods and Price Chopper in theirs let customers who don't drive use points to save on bus passes so they don't go to waste if they don't have access to someone elses vehicle, but it only makes sense if you live there.  Someone in Hannafords ad said that the discounts barely make a dent (they don't even believe in a card).  ShopRite have it in a different way and I've seen it as they recently returned to Albany County (never knew they were there in the past as I heard of them from downstate and went down the river later).  Various other chains and indies nationwide will have a promotion somewhere.  Tops let you earn more points with manufacturers' coupons while Price Choppers kiosks will provide a store one to use when you spend a certain amount.  With the latter I try to get at least 20¢ off a gallon.  At Speedway it takes a few months just to even get to 10¢ off but I keep at it until I reach it.  Back at Tops, at the end of an earning cycle, there's a two-week hiatus, and you have to use the remaining 100s of points or they will be wiped at the start of the next period.  Back at the starting gate.
Prices fluctuate between events overseas and the economy.  Another rise is inevitable, but at least there's a way to keep the price down a little.  On the west coast, they could use this even more.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Woolworth, 5ème rue, Shawinigan, années 60
Québecois store in the late '60s
Since Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Dollarama (Canada), Five Below, even Ben Franklin in some small towns, and several indie variety stores like 99¢ City and Real Deals are alive and well, then there's almost no reason why trailblazers Woolworths are not in this country anymore as it's been for these past two decades.  Many say Walmart and the like are to blame.  Foot Locker are the legal successor to the original chain.  Existing and defunct chains in the Commonwealth are not related (Canadian chains were replaced by The Bargain! Shop [some stores like Ft Erie and Gananoque, ONT closed] and Walmart [Woolco absorbed in 1994]).  FL could own the revived chain or at least licence the name if it came down to that.  Here's where Woolworths 2.0 could be today:

Manlius - former CVS/pharmacy, NY 173
Elbridge - former Family Dollar, NY 5
Auburn - former Family Dollar, NY 5
Canastota - former Family Dollar, NY 5
Watertown - Paddock Arcade, NY 3 (not far from where early store was as it's a small town)
New Hartford - former Tuesday Morning, former NY 5/8/12
Fulton - former Eckerd/Fays/Rite Aid, NY 481
Oswego - former Dollar Tree, NY 104
Cicero - former Cicis Pizza, Circle Drive
North Syracuse, former Media Play, US 11
Cortland - Riverside Plaza, former Fays, NY 13
deWitt - Shoppingtown Mall (former site unavailable but many others are), NY 5
Rotterdam - Viaport, NY 337
Junius Ponds, Waterloo Premium Outlets, NY 318
Chittenango, former Kinney Drugs, NY 5 & 13
Bridgeport, former Kinney Drugs, NY 31
Liverpool, former Verizon Wireless, NY 31
Clay, Great Northern Mall, NY 31 & 481
Flushing, former Caldor (TBD)
Syracuse, former Bon Ton, Destiny USA (although Five Below are already in newer section)

Known former CNY and Capital Region locations:

Syracuse - downtown, now Rite Aid
Colonie - Northway Mall, NY 5, probably where Target is now
deWitt - Shoppingtown, NY 5
Utica - downtown (first failed store located there; newer store opened when chain grew later)
Fulton - now Dollar General, final CNY location, NY 481

Former chemist division The Rx Place had stores in Carousel Ctr (now Destiny USA where Burlington is now), deWitt (where Marshalls HomeGoods are today) and Wappinger Falls (later PharmHouse and PharMor but may now be ShopRite).


Me parting with my beemer
Round Rock, TX store (Texas Capital Region)
Seeing a commercial for CarMax with MadTV alum Andrew Daly and going by the Henrietta location gave me the idea for the next post.  I might buy a car from them when I get the money.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Toppers Pizza

No free images exist so here's the fantasy SU location.
Toppers Pizza are mainly in the Midwest but should work their way to the Northeast:

Syracuse - SU Hill (pictured), former Brueggers Bagels
Cicero/North Syracuse/Oswego/Baldwinsville/Weedsport/Auburn/Oneida/East Syracuse/Cortland - former Tim Hortons
New Hartford - former Tuesday Morning
Syracuse - northside, former Unos
deWitt - Shoppingtown
Westvale - former CC Dance Centre
Cicero - former Buffalo Wild Wings
Rochester - former Key Bank, NY 252 (Henrietta)
Watertown - former Tilted Kilt
Camillus - former Friendlys
East Syracuse - next to diBellas Subs (Bridge St.)
Cortland - former Tim Hortons or Riverside Plaza
Auburn - former Family Dollar or Tim Hortons
Syracuse (Shop City) - former Blockbuster