Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stein Mart in CNY and Beyond

Stein Mart
Existing store in Hattiesburg, MS.

Heres something different. The other week, I went to Stein Mart in Rochester suburb Pittsford and thought we could use this near me.  I predict these locations:

Albany - Wolf Road (ex-Borders)
Syracuse - Western Lights Plaza*
Fairmount - Fairmount Fair
North Syracuse - Northern Lights (former TJ Maxx, Staples or Burlington*****)
DeWitt - former Macys, Dicks or JCPenney in Shoppingtown or Michaels up NY 5
Clay - Great Northern Mall
Liverpool - The Shops at Seneca Mall**
Syracuse - Destiny USA
New Hartford**
Clifton Park - former OfficeMax if still vacant
Liverpool - Co Rt 57***
Latham - former Latham Circle Mall
Palatine Bridge***
Oswego - TBD
Fulton - NY 481 (former kmart)
Syracuse - Onondaga Blvd (Western Lights; ex-Valu)
Cicero - former Burlington at Drivers Village

* ex-kmart/Herb Phillipsons
** ex-Price Chopper
*** ex-Ames
**** ex-P&C
***** ex-Media Play

These could also be IKEAs.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

CNY ShurFine affiliates

Cugini's Shurfine Store, exterior, Auburn, ca. 1945
Store in Seattle suburb in the early 20th Century.
ShurFine is a brand seen in many independent supermarkets across the US, Canada, and even in Jamaica! It can be easily found in CNY. Here are the places you can go:

Syracuse (West Side) - Nojaim Bros (set to close)
Syracuse - Dominick's Neighborhood Market (not the former Safeway division)
Across Upstate - Byrne Dairy (select products)
Farmington - Wades (becoming Tops)
Marcellus - Nojaim Bros
Fulton - Strupplers (now Tops)
Syracuse (Onondaga Hill) - Hill Top Market (now closed)
Liverpool - Nichols
North Rose - North Rose Midstate
Sodus Point - Shirtz
Pulaski - Al's Big Hometown Corner Market (now closed)

More on the Western Family site. Just learnt that they'll tell you where to find their brands in your area. They didn't before.
Now if I could just get a concise list of retailers that carry sister brands from Topco (even if chains like Wegmans and Price Chopper just have Top Care health and beauty products).