Sunday, May 28, 2017


Typical location
After winning a gift card for Mobil in a competition, it dawned on me that they have fewer locations than in the past.  Exxon (formerly Esso; name used outside the US today) had a few in CNY as well prior to their reunion with Mobil as descendants of Standard Oil Company.

North Syracuse, US 11 & Bear Rd, now abandoned
Liverpool (Bayberry) - Ct Rt 57 and John Glenn Blvd*
Liverpool - Henry Clay Blvd and Buckley Road*
Liverpool (Galeville) - 7th North St and Buckley Rd*
Liverpool (village) - Ct Rt 57, now Valero
Liverpool (Sugarwood Corners) - Buckley and Bear Rds; later Valero; now Gulf.
Clay - NY 31 & 481*
Syracuse (Eastwood) - Grant Blvd and Teall Ave, now Citgo
Fairmount (Exxon) - NY 5, now Carrs Automotive
Onondaga (Exxon) - NY 175, now Nice 'n Easy
Syracuse (east side) - NY 5 and Teall Ave, now PriceRite
Syracuse (west side) - Delaware and Grand Aves, now indie
Syracuse (north side) - US 11, now Valero
Syracuse (south side) - S Salina St, now indie (one at NY 173 & US 11 still open)
deWitt - NY 5*
Upstate NY (various) - I-90*
Fulton - NY 481 and Ct Rt 57, Babcock Oil Co., now Gulf

*now Sunoco

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