Sunday, May 28, 2017


Typical location
After winning a gift card for Mobil in a competition, it dawned on me that they have fewer locations than in the past.  Exxon (formerly Esso; name used outside the US today) had a few in CNY as well prior to their reunion with Mobil as descendants of Standard Oil Company.

North Syracuse, US 11 & Bear Rd, now abandoned
Liverpool (Bayberry) - Ct Rt 57 and John Glenn Blvd*
Liverpool - Henry Clay Blvd and Buckley Road*
Liverpool (Galeville) - 7th North St and Buckley Rd*
Liverpool (village) - Ct Rt 57, now Valero
Liverpool (Sugarwood Corners) - Buckley and Bear Rds; later Valero; now Gulf.
Clay - NY 31 & 481*
Syracuse (Eastwood) - Grant Blvd and Teall Ave, now Citgo
Fairmount (Exxon) - NY 5, now Carrs Automotive
Onondaga (Exxon) - NY 175, now Nice 'n Easy
Syracuse (east side) - NY 5 and Teall Ave, now PriceRite
Syracuse (west side) - Delaware and Grand Aves, now indie
Syracuse (north side) - US 11, now Valero
Syracuse (south side) - S Salina St, now indie (one at NY 173 & US 11 still open)
deWitt - NY 5*
Upstate NY (various) - I-90*
Fulton - NY 481 and Ct Rt 57, Babcock Oil Co., now Gulf

*now Sunoco

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  1. Perhaps the strangest result of Mobil selling out to Sunoco is just below Cortland at I81 exit 10, where two Sunocos compete within sight of one another on each side of Route 11 where it meets Route 41. They've been this way for several years.

    The Petro at the Waterloo Thruway exit sells Exxon branded gas.

    Distant past closed Mobils include one in Camillus at Kasson and West Genesee (later Jreck Subs) and one at the corner of 175 and Cedervale Rd (now just a concrete pad).