Wednesday, April 19, 2017

McDonald's former CNY locations

Old Erie Blvd E & Seeley Rd location

McDonald's may seem far too easy to write about being in many nations, but there are just enough former locations in and around Syracuse committed to memory to warrant a post:

SU Hill - S Crouse Ave; one is a sushi bar about to be torn down, another was later Brueggers and is now Orange Crate Brewing Company
Almond St - now Upstate Medical Offices
Downtown - now a Chinese takeaway
Clay - Great Northern Mall, possibly where Taco Bell or Subway are in the food court now; current location just half a mile up NY 31 in Liverpool
Cicero - E Circle Dr, now vacant as new one opened around the corner on US 11
Liverpool - Old Liverpool Rd before village, now Village Burger
Fayetteville? (NY 5) - Fayetteville Mall in food court; current one next to Tops on former Sears site
deWitt - original location replaced by current store in '70s and has been renovated since that time
Manlius - NY 92 and/or 173?  A new one was proposed in recent years but fell through as Burger King are there now
South Ave. (NY 175) - now a church
S Geddes St. - also a church
Camillus - Camillus Mall? (stand alone one now across W Genesee St)
Cortland (Cortlandville) - NY 13, demolished when new one was built two doors down

Iceland and India both lost all of theirs so I can't complain!

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  1. Never was a McDonalds in Camillus Mall. In fact, there was a rumor that Carrolls kept their Burger King going even when it was losing money to keep McDonalds out.

    Camillus Mall also had a Subway in the K-mart wing, Arbys in the Penneys Wing, a Sbarro across from the second cinema, plus two fancier sit-down restaurants that were independent. Across from the mall in what was once the Goodyear Auto showroom a Chinese place and I think Froggers Pizza operated.