Friday, July 29, 2016

Bottle return

This is in Michigan. I would've used a bin bag first, though.
In New York, Maine, California, Michigan and several other states, people pay a deposit on fizzies, drink and in some states water.  You'd think places to recycle them would be within easy reach but that is not always the case however.  Where one was in Eastwood before could be one again as many people there can't drive and the bus or walking isn't always convenient.  Only name brands can be brought to the chain stores there.  Not only can one make a quick buck one can channel their inner Ed Begley Jnr and save the environment.  Some more far flung communities could use one two.  Even some on NY 5 have these.  Not quite sure how these places make revenue yet many have come and gone over the years.  Once I'm rich I'll just have the money go to charity as it'd be a drop in the bucket for me by then!  One place I know could have it help cats and dogs but they won't take all the ones I bring in but you can't win them all!

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  1. Basically the stores get more $ from the companies (around 8 cents per bottle) than they pay you (the 5 cent deposit) and that is how they make money doing it.

    In fact, there are even a couple places that will give you 6 cents and do nothing but returns (they don't sell anything, just take bottles back).