Wednesday, July 22, 2015

D.P. Dough

DP Dough
Ithaca location (even though I'd usually gone to the Cortland one in the next county but now I'll have to go here for a change)
DP Dough are another franchised chain I only wish I could afford to buy into.  They specialise in calzones (a rival chain which they used to compete with in downtown Cortland if not anywhere else could also expand but I wanna focus on places not immediately in the Syracuse area at least).  I also know them from Albany and went once or twice there before.  They are primed to branch out some more.  They really only offer spots in certain states near universities* as that's their target market:

Syracuse (downtown/Armory Square) - former Cal-Zonies/American Garbage Plate
Utica (downtown) - former Rite Aid/Woolworth's?
Auburn - Fingerlakes Mall food court (NY 5/US 20)
Oswego* - former Arby's or Eckerd (NY 104) or Calios (downtown)
Fulton - former Jreck Subs (S 1st St E or NY 481)
Clay - Great Northern Mall (NY 31 & 481, former Brooklyn Slice/Sbarro)
deWitt - Shoppingtown Mall (NY 5, former Arbys or Charleys Subs)
Fairmount - former Thrifty Shopper (left half)
Cortland - downtown one is gone now so new one will be in Riverside Plaza near my Planet Fitness! (NY 13 & I-81)
Syracuse (south side) - former Blockbuster
Syracuse (north side) - Destiny USA (new section as food court except Unos is full)
Liverpool - Aldi plaza in former Quizno's or former Arbys or Cams on Co Rt 57
North Syracuse - Northern Lights or North Plaza
Cicero - former McDonald's on Circle Drive, Buffalo Wild Wings or Tim Hortons/Mighty Taco on US 11
Watertown - Salmon Run Mall (NY 3 and 12F)
Syracuse - Shop City (former Quizno's, buffet/Japanese restaurant or Blockbuster)
Syracuse (SU Hill)* - former Copy Centers (even though rivals Calios are around the corner)
Geneva - downtown (NY 14)
Seneca Falls (NY 5 & US 20)
Corning - downtown
Niagara Falls, NY - close to casino, falls and customs

Other locations TBD as some places I don't go to as much if ever anymore.  I'm open to suggestions.

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