Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lidl: From Germany with Love

Lidl - Olton Boulevard East, Fox Hollies
Store in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK.
Move over Aldi!  There are a new German import said to be coming to the US.  Lidl have competed with Aldi North and South in Europe for the past four decades and may now do the same in this country.  Grocery Headquarters had an article about it a few years ago but nothing else has been heard of it since.  While Aldi have gone outside the EU, Lidl currently are exclusive to Europe.  There are several other chains similar to both that are limited-assortment supermarkets like PriceRite or Save-a-Lot in the States already, plus Food Basics and Loblaws No Frills in Canada, where Lidl are also said to be considering opening stores.
I can think of places in this state and beyond where Lidl could go, whether a small town where an indie vacated, elsewhere Upstate in Albany or or downstate in former ShopRite and Caldor locations.
Like Aldi, Lidl cater to urban neighbourhoods as well as the suburbs.  They largely stock house brands as well as a few national brands.  They don't have the lofty services the big boxes provide and limit advertising keeping prices down.  From Ireland to the former Iron Curtain, Lidl may be ready to cross the pond.  More as this develops (I had asked Lidl UK about this but have never heard back).

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