Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where to find Best Yet brand

Since 1893
Best Yet is one of the oldest private labels in the US celebrating over 120 years! It is either seen in indie stores or small chains affiliated with C&S Wholesale Grocers.  If you know any more, even out of state, do let me know.

Grand Union (until recent sale to Tops)
P&C (now in Cortland and Ithaca)
Best Market (formerly Best Yet Market) (only non-Upstate store in NY I know of now)
Big M (see other post)
Green Hills Farms, US 11, Syracuse
Great American, Jefferson County
Randys BiLo (Johnstown, PA)
Elk County/Ridgway Foods (PA)
Kalils Grocery, NY 28, Inlet (found this on short notice)
Maxwells, NY 5, Auburn (even has some Big M signage inside, but it may just come from C&S)

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