Thursday, September 29, 2011

Asian supermarket

Huge Asian

The next frontier of retail that needs to be explored in Upstate NY is an Asian supermarket, which is really meaning the Pacific Rim much of the time, geared towards the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Laotian, and Korean communities, carrying items not found at traditional Western supermarkets like bok choy and live fish.  Items imported from the other side of the globe are found there.  I've been to one in Flushing, Queens downstate a couple years ago, and saw a fairly large one upstate in Albany.  We need something like that in Central New York.  In Syracuse, theres a small store on Erie Blvd. E. with a Chinese takeaway nearby.  I think a bigger store down the road at the former Price Chopper in DeWitt would better suit the area.  The one in New Hartford would work for the Utica-Rome region.  Rochester and Buffalo I'm not 100% sure about as I don't go to those areas often.  Large markets will turn up in bigger cities and suburbs throughout the west.  In smaller and more compact communities, there will be small shops, but it all depends on where you live and the demand.  I would go to an Asian supermarket if the opportunity came along again.
Since I wrote this two have opened on Erie Blvd.  One is in the former Stevens Office Interiors (now on NY 290 in East Syracuse).

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