Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Possible PriceRite locations

Price Rite Grocery Store Super Market, 8/2014, Cromwell, CT. by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube.
Cromwell, CT store near Hartford.

PriceRite are ShopRite USAs sister chain. This is another one of those smaller markets that mostly carry own brands with a few nationals, all at everyday low prices. They're often in less-affluent neighbourhooods where there isn't a lot of money. While ShopRites are mostly franchises, PriceRites are almost all O&Os except the West coast in the giant LA area. They usually try not to be in the same area to avoid self competition for owner Wakefern (though the NY Capital Region and parts of Connecticut now have both chains). They compete with the big boxes and indies, but more with Aldi or Save-a-Lot to put it that way.
What I'm putting here is a list of towns where PriceRite should open in Upstate and even Downstate NY as well as PA:

Hyde Park - former ShopRite or Grand Union
Horseheads - former Aldi
Canandaigua - former Walmart
New Hartford - former Price Chopper on NY 5A (although confirmed Utica one on Bleecker St & 3rd Ave. on east side is coming soon)
Syracuse - south side (South Ave; spear-headed by Jubilee Homes) - now open!
Tully - start from scratch despite rival Aldi having a warehouse in town yet not opening a store there
LaFayette - start from scratch
North Adams, MA - former Price Chopper if not something else already
Fulton - former kmart on NY 481; split with Planet Fitness
Oswego - some east side vacancy on NY 104 or former Price Chopper near Port of Oswego unless taken
Cortland (US 11 & NY 41/Homer Ave.)*
Palatine Bridge - NY 5S; former Ames
Watertown* - US 11
Albany/Menands - former Save-a-Lot or Price Chopper on NY 32
Binghamton+ et al - some former Giant locations?
Bridgeport - former Victory/Great American on NY 31 & 298
Geneva - former Big M
Pulaski - former Als Big Corner Market off US 11 and NY 13
Flushing - former Caldor
Milford, PA - former Grand Union unless taken
Matamoras, PA - same as above
Liverpool - former Price Chopper (The Shops at Seneca Mall, Bayberry, Ct. Rt. 57)
Baldwinsville - former Sleepy Hollow Big M (NY 48)
North Syracuse - former Media Play (Northern Lights)
East Syracuse - former Agway/CountryMax (NY 290)
deWitt - former Michaels (NY 5)

*former P&C


  1. Hyde Park might normally be a difficult spot, since there are ShopRite stores not that far away (Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Fishkill) and as you noted they usually haven't put them too close.

    However, since ShopRite just acquired several Shaw's stores in CT and created at least one or two cities that will now have both a ShopRite and a PriceRite, they may reconsider doing that in other locations.

    It's also a strange spot, since ShopRite (under Big V franchise ownership) had built a new store in Hyde Park, which closed only a couple years afterward (during Big V bankruptcy.

    This was done even though they only closed a few stores, most of which were the old and costly to maintain Quonset style - seemed kind of strange to close a fairly new store with little near competition and also being the closest grocery to a couple colleges.

  2. I used to go to the Hyde Park stores when I lived near there. I guess Big V's adminstration happened after I left. I've only gone to ShopRite down the river since.

  3. Palatine Bridge: They could take over the former Grand Union/Ace space in the Dutchtown Plaza. Ace left the Dutchtown Plaza in June 2017 for a freestanding building down the road from the Price Chopper on NY-5. It would be nice to see it as a supermarket again.

    Herkimer: Splitting the former Kmart could be a possibility.